Get Ready for August 15!

When and where will we be meeting?

We will be assembling outside the park, in downtown Stone Mountain, in the parking lot on Main Street (950 Main Street, Stone Mountain, GA 30083). We will be assembling at 9AM sharp. Please try to arrive early in order to park. The forecast calls for a chance of rain so please bring umbrellas.

Is there a fee to enter the park?

There is a $20 parking fee per vehicle if you enter the park itself via one of the car entrances. However, we will be using the pedestrian entrance, which is not ticketed.

Where will we be marching?

We will be marching to Confederate Hall, a building just inside the park gates. Confederate Hall is also next to the trailhead to climb Stone Mountain. The march will be about three quarters of a mile over a paved and mostly (but not entirely) flat surface. 

Where will the racist marchers be?

They have announced that they will gather at the Yellow Daisy Parking lot at 9AM, but this is subject to change. They have been denied permits by Stone Mountain Park and the City of Stone Mountain (see this article for details) but will likely attempt some kind of informal march.

How many racist marchers are going to show up?

In their first park permit application, the Confederate States III% organizers claimed 2000, a laughable figure. In their city of Stone Mountain permit, they revised downward to 500. Our estimate is 100 to 300.

How many counterprotesters are going to show up?

Our goal is to outnumber the racist ralliers decisively, and in the past we have achieved that goal. Please see our homepage for the long list of endorsing organizations who will be encouraging their members to show up. The more people show up, the safer everyone is.

The rally says they are “Heritage Not Hate”. Aren’t they just trying to preserve monuments?

No. They are calling to preserve racist monuments, but they also want to undo the achievements of the civil rights movement. They also have extensive links to KKK and Nazis, and the organizers of previous KKK and Nazi marches on Stone Mountain are in close contact with them.

Will NFAC show up? Will we be marching with them?

We cannot say for sure at this point. However, we are NOT organizing with NFAC, and if they do show up, we will maintain a separation. UPDATE: August 12, 2020: NFAC has confirmed they will not be appearing on August 15.

Will the park be open or closed? 

Racist organizers say they have been granted a permit by Stone Mountain Park, but park officials might decide to close for security reasons. This would mean the gates would be closed to cars, but there are also pedestrian entrances to the park. There is also a possibility that the park may be closed to both car and foot traffic.

How safe is the anti-racist counter-mobilization? 

The far right is inherently violent. Police often try to repress anti-racist protests, sometimes brutally. We will do our best to facilitate people participating in ways that involve less risk. However, there are some physical, legal, and psychological risks that are unavoidable in a mobilization such as this, especially for people who have already been traumatized by racism. Please do not bring pets and we recommend making arrangements for childcare.

Will the event be socially distanced?

We will aim for social distancing during the meeting and march, but as events happen this often proves difficult. We encourage everyone to socially distance as much as possible, and most importantly, to wear masks. If you do not have a mask, there will be extras available. We also encourage you to wear a mask that is as breathable as possible, since the heat and humidity on August 15th will likely be intense.  

Will the far right have guns? 

Yes. Some will be open carrying and many will be armed. 

Should we bring guns? What about security?

For concealed carry, we are not making a recommendation. Stone Mountain Park allows visitors to bring firearms. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the legal situation and the gun laws of Georgia. However, we strongly request that you do NOT open carry unless you check in beforehand with our security committee, which is run by SQUAWK Security ([email protected]). This is to share information, ensure safety of the group and avoid any mistakes on the day of the event. The security team will be open carrying for the purposes of community defense and will be guarding the body of the main march. A team of medics will also be present on the day. 

Can we bring cameras?

We are not making a recommendation about this. Be aware that any video footage can be useful for documenting repression by the police or violence by racists, but it can also endanger anti-racists. We encourage you to be mindful and ask permission before filming fellow protestors. The guidelines of the IWWFJU (Industrial Workers of the World Freelance Journalists Union) should be followed. 

I’ve never been to a protest like this before. Do you have any tips? 

Yes! Here are a few:
  • Wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothes and shoes. 
  • Show up well-rested and on time.
  • Bring a friend, or better yet, come with a group. If you’re with a group, choose buddy pairs and stay with your buddy throughout the day – if you get stuck in a crowd, it’s easier to keep track of one person than a group. Also, make sure that a trustworthy friend who is not coming to the protest knows where you are
  • Bring plenty of water and a snack. Some small first-aid items like bandaids are also helpful
  • If you want, bring a sign with your anti-racist message
  • Be aware that there is always a danger of arrest, since police typically protect racists against anti-racist protesters. Here’s how you can prepare for the possibility of arrest:
    • Fill out a jail support form. This form will include all the information our jail support team will need to support you if you’re arrested, including any specific needs you have or any logistical concerns that might come up.
    • We will announce the jail support phone number at the beginning of the protest. Write this number on your body with a permanent marker, somewhere like the inside of your arm where it’s not noticeable. If you are arrested, call this number to let jail support know where you are.
    • If you rely on daily medication, bring a day’s worth with you, as well as some proof of your prescription. This will ensure you’ll have your meds for the (probably short) amount of time you will be in jail, and you’ll be protected from an extra nuisance charge.
    • If you bring a phone, lock it with a password before the action. You have the right to privacy and are not required to grant police access to your phone, even if you are arrested.
    • Tell your trusted friends to follow our social media and donate to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund, which is collecting bail donations for any anti-racist activists who are arrested.

Where can I get more information?

Here are some links to useful information: